ABOUT Steel City Metal Work

We are a family-owned company located near Pittsburgh Pennsylvania. All our raw materials are sourced and made here in the United States.

After a few years of making some custom signs for friends, family, and teammates of my son and daughters’ sports teams from baseball, football, swimming and karate we decided that others would proudly display these customizable items in their own homes or give as gifts for friends and family. The reaction that we have received over the years with the joy and appreciation with fabricating these signs and décor we can only hope that you feel the same as we do, and we strive as a company to make that a priority in our day-to-day business activities.

We are also giving back to the community and organizations that your purchase helps to make a difference in, from helping those with childhood cancer, feeding the hungry, and assisting those with Alzheimer’s your purchase goes into helping all these charities in making a positive impact on someone’s life

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